Fume Scrubbing Systems, Fume Extraction System, Gas Absorption System

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Systems are designed to give Maximum efficiency at very Low operating cost.
(For Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals / Electroplating / Galvanizing / Acid Pickling / Phosphating / Wire Drawing Plants / Gold Refining Plants)

SGE specializes in Designing, Manufacturing & commissioning of complete Fume Exhaust & Scrubbing Systems on turn-key basis for removal of Hazardous & Noxious fumes / gases like HCl, SO2, Nox, Cl2, HBr, NH3 and so on. Following parts plays vital role for the successful functioning of the systems and therefore selection of 
suitable type & size is very important.

if suction is from open area or open tanks like electroplating process, Galvaniizing, Metal Cleaning / Pickling, Etc.

Selection of Diameter of Duct is very important to reduce pressure drop across the duct.
Fume Scrubbers / Gas Absorbers (With Internals)
Type and Size of Scrubber depends on Type of Fumes to be Scrubbed along with present of any solid particles.
Scrubbing System for HCL
From Acid Picking Plant
Scrubbing System for Tri Ethylamine Vapors From Cold box Core Making Plant (Foudary) Fume Scrubbing System
for nox fumes
Scrubbing System for SO2 gas Scrubbing System for H2S gas Scrubbing system for zinc galvanizing kettle
Fume Scrubber 52000 CFM HF Fume Scrubbing system Triethylamine gas scrubbing system

Blower / Venturi : Selection of Capacity and static pressure is very important, so that no fumes can escape
from tank.

Pump : Capacity of Pump depends upon Gas / Fumes flow rate. Excess may create flooding.

Heat Exchanger (For Exothermic Reaction) : It is required when reaction with scrubbing media is exothermic.

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